Welcome to The Unofficial Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Strategy Guide (version 1.01). Here, you'll find tips on shooting and aiming, classes, weapons, tactics, strategy, config tweaking and scripts, exploits, map walkthroughs, custom maps, trickjumping, etc. Much of this also applies to RTCW as well.

This strategy guide was written for both beginners and advanced players in mind; however, if you're brand-spanking new then please read the manual first! Also, check out the FAQ if you are looking for a quick answer to some question or problem.

If you have any ideas or questions about this strategy guide, feel free to send an e-mail. I am constantly revising and updating this guide, so if you want to know more about something in particular let me know and I'll do my best to cover it.

Also if anyone's interested in contributing some article or something to the guide, drop me a line :) For example, there are a lot of custom maps but I was only able to write reviews of the ones I've played. I'll make sure to give you credit for anything you submit.

Well, that's about it. Happy fragging!

-velocity (formerly .jae.raj.)
-ca_aok (a.k.a. WND_ca_aok)
-Nexu (a.k.a. Venom)
-[GDA] IgWaNe
-Pete (a.k.a. "InThrees")
-Rein Inze
-Amish Sniper
-Andy Blueman (a.k.a. [G-TAP]Genocide)

See detailed credits

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5/25: Caen guide; New tactics, trickjumps, trickplants; Downloadable version

Lots of good news today! A bunch of people e-mailed me and sent in some great stuff to add to the guide:

Amish Sniper sent in an awesome map guide for Caen. It's got plenty of screenshots, summary of objectives, and some info on strategies as well. Check it out here. I might redo some of the current map guides to be more like this one :) Also, Amish said he might consider writing another one of these (wooh!) in the future.

Ragnar-X- sent in a huge list of about 30 tips to add to the guide, along with a ton of new screenshots!! Here's a summary of what has been added:

Andy Blueman (a.k.a. [G-TAP]Genocide) from www.g-tap.org, sent in a trickjump demo on Radar, which lets you jump on to the garage roof near the east radar parts. This way, you can get to the east parts without stepping through any mines.

I have also added some new shrub-specific tactics, like using shoving to jump higher, etc. Credit for most of these goes to SubstandardJones, who explained these tactics on the forums.

Also, Vitek Cermak and I were discussing using the guard shack on fueldump to jump on, and get inside. He did some testing, and reported that it doesn't work with only 2 guys, but if you have 3 guys, you can use 1 dude to boost the other 2 onto the guard shack, and one of them can boost the other into the fueldump. Anyways, this would mainly be useful on a pub where teams are large; if you ever get into the situation where 3 guys manage to get through the tunnels, you have an engineer but no covert ops, then this jump may be useful.

Today I also made a downloadable version of this guide, as GOD*Leviathan suggested. This way, people who connect to the net with a modem can read the guide offline. It comes with text and pictures, demos, videos, and other "extras" aren't included.

5/19: Fueldump roof jump; Heron spawntimer; Plans for the Guide

Do you want to jump on top of the fueldump roof? Go check out Rein Inze's awesome demo which he submitted, in the map trickjumps section. Unlike my cheapass demo which used a tweaked g_gravity value, this demo was made with standard etpro settings.

Meez from enemy-territory.com, has also contacted me and offered to send a demo of the same jump, done with a SINGLE jump instead of a 2 jump bunny hop. Will post more info when I know more about it :)

Some of you may have noticed the Heron Spawntimer links are pointing to some weird .NET version of Heron Spawntimer (which is in fact, an outdated version). The reason is that clan BooZZe was making some changes on their site so I couldn't find a link to the newest version of Heron. So, for now I am hosting the Heron Spawntimer download on my own space, so you can download it here:

Download Heron Spawntimer for ET 2.01

Also, I've been getting lots of great ideas for things to add to the site... If you're curious, here's some of the plans I have for the site in the near future:

  • Find a demo of someone jumping into the fueldump by stacking and using the guard shack. Maybe a reader might be kind and contribute? :)
  • Expand the FAQ section with more useful info
  • Add more "advanced" material to the guide about tactics and strategies, something which is somewhat lacking at the moment.
  • Add a section featuring some demos of clan matches which are worth watching for learning purposes.
  • Create a section something along the lines of "If you're an advanced player, here are 10 things you may not have known." This might be useful since there are a lot of people who have been playing ET for ages and know 95% of what's in this guide already.
  • Expand the section on tweaking for performance. A lot of people seem to be having trouble getting a good frame rate.
  • Add more information to the site about some shrub-specific features... for example, double jumping, walking through walls, etc.
  • Include information about etpro and shrub-specific cvars
  • Split up the big sections into some smaller sections, and generally reorganize everything...
  • Add links to some trickjumping maps instead of lamely telling you to go google for it ;)
  • Write a reference section listing every cvar and command and what it does.
  • Create the ultimate "performance config", with all the lowest detail settings etc. This could be useful either as a reference so you can base your config off of it, or you could just copy this config and use it yourself.
  • Write a PHP script which lets readers submit custom map guides and other files, etc. (This is a long-term goal...)
  • Translation(s): currently we have a French translation in the works by [GDA] IgWaNe
  • Actually finish those last 3 map guides *sigh*

5/16: Moved the site

I have just moved the site to LunarPages because we went past our monthly bandwidth limit with our old free webhost. (We had about 8,000 visits in the past 5 days!!) Since I spent a lot of time figuring out the hosting situation, I'm a bit behind on finishing the last 3 map guides... I will try to get them up within the next 2-3 days.